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Frequently Asked Questions

Any queries you have should be answered below - if there’s a question you have that isn’t covered, please get in touch using the box at the bottom of this page and one of our friendly customer service or technical support team will be happy to help!

Q. What does “LST” stand for?

A. “LST” stands for “Low Surface Temperature”. NHS Guidelines state that any surface that houses hot water which is subject to physical interaction by the general public should be a maximum temperature of 43°C. Our Pipe Boxing is guaranteed to remain at or below this temperature and therefore provide LST protection for exposed pipe work.

Q. Some of your competitors are cheaper - why should I choose your products over theirs?

A. You’re right - some are cheaper. However, the quality of the workmanship and material used is inferior. Our LST Pipe Boxing is made from highly impact resistant, highly durable 4.5mm thick U-PVC rather than MDF or an equivalent. Our Pipe Boxing will never rust, warp or flake. It’s also wipe-clean and will never need painting. It will provide you with many, many years of reliable service before it needs replacing (if at all!)

We often get called in to replace Pipe Boxing that has been supplied just a few years earlier by our competitors.

Q. Is there any information available to read/download on the material used for your Pipe Boxing?

A. Yes - we use Trovidur ESA-D strength 4.5mm thick U-PVC Polymer. The data sheet is available to download here and the manual handling information is here. Both files are in PDF format.

Q. Are there any other sizes available other than the ones listed in your shop?

A. What you can see listed on our shop page are just our standard stock sizes. If you require a size that isn’t listed, please get in touch via email or phone and we’d be more than happy to provide a quote for our bespoke sized Pipe Boxing.

Q. I have a large installation that requires a lot of Pipe Boxing and I don’t have the time to measure it all up - can you help?

A. We offer a free site measurement service for larger installations. Please call or email us to arrange a survey with one of our experts.

Q. I need access to valves within the pipes that are to be covered. Can you provide this?

A. Yes we can - If you require access holes, you will need to get in touch with us directly with the measurements of where you need to get to the valve(s). Alternatively, if you want to cut out holes yourself you will need an 89mm hole saw. Cover caps can be purchased from our shop to maintain full LST protection along the entire length of Pipe Boxing.

Q. Are there any types of pipe that your Pipe Boxing cannot cover?

A. The only pipe that we do not advise covering with our Pipe Boxing is unclad steam pipe. This is simply because it radiates so much heat that we cannot guarantee the surface temperature of our Pipe Boxing will remain at or below 43°C.

Q. How do I clean your Pipe Boxing?

A. It could not be easier - simply wipe clean with a soapy cloth and you’re good to go. Please do not use any abrasive materials such as a scouring/Brillo pad etc. as these have the potential to tarnish the material. If these guidelines are kept to, your Pipe Boxing will remain looking brand new for years to come.

Q. Is there any guarantee/warranty attached to your Pipe Boxing?

A. We do not currently guarantee any of our pipe boxing against any damage once it has been fitted. This is mainly due to the fact that we do not know what it is being used for or what kind of environment it has been fitted in. As described above, if all care guidelines are met and the material is not subjected to constant physical attacks, it should last for years and years looking as good and functioning as well as the day it was installed.

Q. I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I pay with a debit/credit card?

A. Yes, please phone 01256 844685 and one of our friendly staff will take a card payment over the phone. We also accept direct account transfers and BACS payments. If you would like to pay via one of these alternative methods, please give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive once I have paid?

A. Depending on stock levels, typically your order will arrive in under a week. One of our members of staff will be in touch once the order has been received and subsequently prior to dispatch.

Q. Do the prices on your website include VAT?

A. All prices quoted on our website and shop are inclusive of VAT.

Q. What is your delivery procedure?

A. If the delivery address is within an hours drive of our factory, we’d normally deliver your order ourselves. If this is not the case, we use a courier service like TNT to deliver our products. One of our staff members will generally be in contact with you a day or two before your order is ready for dispatch to let you know when it will arrive.

Q. What happens if my delivery arrives damaged?

A. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and on the rare occasion that an order arrives damaged then the following will happen:

Essentially, you (the customer) are not affected either way - replacements will be made and delivered as quickly as possible. The only difference being that there’s a few more hoops to jump through when dealing with an external courier.

Q. Can I collect my order?

A. If you live locally or simply want to save money on delivery costs, then by all means, you are welcome to collect your order. Just use the address details on the About Us page. If you would like to collect your order, please tick the box entitled “Collection” when going through the order process.

Q. What tools and materials will I need when installing your Pipe Boxing?

A. You will require a range of tools and materials to install our Pipe Boxing. Please ensure that you have the following ready prior to starting any installation.

Q. Are there any fitting instructions available?

A. All our Pipe Boxing is supplied with fitting instructions but if you would like to download a copy, please click here. (File is in PDF format.)

Q. Do you provide an installation service?

A. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to fit our Pipe Boxing yourself, we offer a dedicated, professional installation service. Please get in touch via email or phone (or pop in to our factory) to arrange a tailored quote for your needs.

Q. The surface that I need to attach my battens to contains asbestos. How do you advise I go about fixing these securely?

A. PLEASE, DO NOT EVER DRILL INTO ANY WALL/FLOOR THAT YOU SUSPECT CONTAINS ASBESTOS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, we advise using an adhesive such as “Sticks Like ****” or “No More Nails” to fix battens to floors and walls. When subsequently fixing the Pipe Boxing to the battens, please ensure that the screws are short enough so as not to penetrate the other side of the wood, into the potentially dangerous surface.

Q. I’m installing your Pipe Boxing in a hostile environment and it’s likely to receive a lot of physical impact. Is there anything I can do to strengthen longer lengths once they are installed?

A. Our Pipe Boxing is constructed from highly impact resistant Polymer but if you would like to strengthen the fitted product, an extra length of batten can be fitted snugly and fixed with either screws or adhesive inside the right angle bend of the Pipe Boxing. If fitting “Bullnose” shaped profiles, then a larger batten can be fitted to bridge both the internal horizontal and vertical surfaces for added strength.

Q. Is your Pipe Boxing suitable for outdoor use?

A. Yes, our Pipe Boxing is 100% waterproof, heat resistant up to 130°C and will still maintain it’s impact resistance when subjected to both extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Q. Am I able to paint your Pipe Boxing?

A. Personally, we wouldn’t recommend it but If white isn’t really your thing, then yes, you are able to paint our Pipe Boxing as long as solvent free products are used. Please contact your local paint merchant for more in-depth advice. Please be aware however that due to it’s nature, paint is likely to discolour and/or flake over time. The finish on our U-PVC Pipe Boxing will do neither of these things.

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